Pour la 1ère édition du Concours International Choral Harmonie des Cultures, nous sommes heureux de saluer nos participants de plusieurs pays du monde!

For the 1st edition of the International Choral Competition Harmonie des Cultures, we are pleased to greet our participants from several countries around the world!
Switzerland, Geneva
Vocal Ensemble Entresilences
A highly-variable ensemble of professional singers, whose desire is to support multidisciplinary and eclectic programmes, predominantly oriented towards the 20th century. Our aim is to ground every project in modernity. Creation and experimentation are at the core of our artistic process.
Under the leadership of Iris Thion-Poncet, the artistic approach of
focuses on the search of new ways to perform and create, through choral singing. Contemporaneousness art is at the cornerstone of all our projects. Entresilences presents - to composers but also to a wide range of all art creators - a vocal ensemble prepared to the execution of daring projects, which associate choral singing not only with various disciplines of performing arts, but also with new technologies, in fact, everything with a close connection to contemporary arts. Our leading idea is to really put a spotlight on the art of today.
France, Vence, Alpes-Maritimes
Vocal Ensemble Aventurine
The Ensemble Vocal AVENTURINE is a women's choir created in 2010 and based in Vence, Alpes-Maritimes, in France. It is composed of a dozen female singers with an extensive experience in choir singing.

The EVA Ensemble has a varied repertoire ranging from sacred and popular Russian music to works by various composers such as Mendelssohn, Brahms, Poulenc, Fauré, Bartok, or Bob Chilcott.

Aventurine is very appreciated by the public in our region, whether in Nice (with concerts held in Holy Trinity Church or as part of the International Choir Festival 2014) or in the Rosary Chapel in Vence. The choir is also often invited by the Festi-Vence festival held every year in Vence, and has performed several times in the Victoria Chapel in Grasse. Besides, it has participated in the the 6th Biot Choir Festival in 2019.
Our vocal ensemble has also performed in concerts organized outside our region and given two concerts in Saint Petersburg, which happens to be our Artistic Director's hometown. It also participated in the Festival des Amis de l'Orgue in Pont-de-Vaux (Ain, France) in 2014.
UiTM Chamber Choir
UiTM Chamber Choir (UCC) was formed early 2015 by Professor Madya, director of choral activities Dr. Masashi Kishimoto. UiTM Faculty of Music contains more than 500 music students from Diploma through PhD program as it is known as one of the largest music programs in Malaysia. UCC members are selected by audition and rehearse regularly. The performance opportunities are wide variety such as convocation, music festival, conference, TV show, hospital and also support local orphanage.

In 2015, UCC won 1st prize and champion title at 4th Bali International Competition, Indonesia. 1st prize Malaysia National Choral Competition in 2016 and 2017.
1st prize Ipoh International choral competition, Malaysia, 1st prize world champion in women's voice category and 2nd prize in mixed voice category also received Martinu foundation special award at 30th Praga Cantata International Choral Competition, Prague Czech Republic. We were also invited from United Nations office Vienna for special performance in 2016 Europa tour.
In 2017 October, UiTM Chamber Choir and Women's chorale (UWC) both got 1st prize and Grand Prize at 2nd Kalamata international choral competition, Kalamata Greece. During the Europa tour 2017, UCC had concert in Athens, Greece and Musikverein in Vienna Austria.
In 2018, UCC had competed at 9th Rome international choir competition, Italy and received 1st prize in women's voice category with outstanding special award, 1st prize in men's voice category and gold diploma in mixed voice category. In 2018 Nov, UCC received first prize at open category and UWC became a Grand Prix champion at 1st Malaysia international choir competition.
UCC and UWC participated to 7thInternational Copernicus choir competition, Poland and received 1st prize in 3 categories with audience prize. Consequently, joined International Johannes Brahms choir competition in Germany and 1st prize in 2 categories with Jury special prize and audience prize.
France, Paris
Chœur de la Cathédrale de la Sainte-Trinité
Le chœur de la Cathédrale de la Sainte-Trinité à Paris a été fondé par Marina Politova en octobre 2016 et y assure les célébrations liturgiques à partir du 4 décembre de la même année, date de consécration de ladite cathédrale. Il est composé de chanteurs professionnels et amateurs qui ont fait leurs classes dans les chœurs des églises en Russie et en Ukraine, ainsi que auprès des maîtres de la tradition russe dans l'émigration en France.

Le répertoire est composé des trésors de la musique liturgique russe des compositeurs du XIX-ème siècle, de l'école de Moscou du début du XX-ème siècle, ainsi que de compositions de l'époque des persécutions de l'Eglise orthodoxe russe et des œuvres contemporaines.
USA, Macomb, Illinois
Western Illinois University Singers
The Western Illinois University Singers is the "flagship," Illinois University. University Singers performs diverse repertoire from Renaissance to auditioned choral ensemble at Western Contemporary Commercial Music with special focus on versatility and authenticity of vocal quality. Though primarily music majors, membership is open to all university students, most of who receive talent grant awards. This award-winning ensemble of highly motivated singers presents six major concerts each year including a student choral conductor concert, an annual Holiday Festival of Choirs, and a yearly masterworks concert with the WIU Symphony Orchestra & Concert Choir. The University Singers have performed for regional and national conventions for the National Association for Music Education and the American Choral Directors Association.
They have also appeared on professional venues with the Kansas City Symphony, the Dallas Brass, the Peoria Symphony, and the Phoenix Symphony. The University Singers were the 2020 Third Place winners of the American Prize National competition in Choral Performance (College/University Division).
Crimea, Simferopol
Children Choir Academy
Choir "Academy" - Was created in the "School of Arts" in Simferopol. Today the choir consists of two age groups (junior and adults). The total number of children in the choir is about 50 people. The collective is renewed annually, replenished with new talented participants, fruitfully continues its creative activity, raising the level of mastery in the field of choral art. The collective has been awarded numerous certificates, awards at Russian festivals and competitions. The repertoire of the collective is wide and varied. These are folk songs, works of Russian and foreign classics. Throughout the years of its existence, the choir of high school students has been an active promoter of classical art and children's songwriting.
Crimea, Simferopol
Folk Ensemble Svetlitsa
The folklore ensemble "Svetlitsa" was founded in 2010 on the basis of the State educational institution of further education of the Republic of Crimea "School of Arts". The peculiarity of the creative activity of the collective lies in the overall development of the traditions of vocal, instrumental, dance and applied folk art. The repertoire concept of the ensemble is based on the orientation towards mastering Ukrainian and Russian folklore. Over the years of creative activity, the ensemble "Svetlitsa" has repeatedly become the winner of festivals and folk competitions of the Republican, All-Russian and international levels in Ukraine, Russia, France, Netherlands, Germany, participated in numerous scientific and practical conferences, seminars, popular art exhibitions, republican and city festive events. On the basis of the ensemble, open lessons, master classes for heads of folk groups of the Republic of Crimea are organized.
The creative activity of the collective is marked by numerous certificates, diplomas, letters of thanks, and has been reflected many times in the press reviews.
Russie, Moscou
Choir Georges Brassens
The French-speaking Georges Brassens choir in Moscow has existed for 30 years. It is exactly this year that the collective is celebrating its 30th anniversary. During this long journey, the choir formed in 1990 by Alexandre Avanessov made about fifteen tours in French-speaking countries around the world including Canada, France, Switzerland and Belgium.
Bresil, Rio de Janeiro
Vocal Onix Naçoes
Vocal Release Onix Nations: Vocal Onix, which later won the additional "Precious Stone" means a precious stone so called from the Greek "Onux", the nail, due to its color and similarity to marble. It is mentioned for the first time in the Bible with gold and bdellium from the River Pisom of Eden (Gen. 2.12). Onyx stones were prepared by King David for the temple (1Ch 29.2). It started activities in December 2007 with 8 members initially and mostly members of the 1st Baptist Church in Olaria-RJ and 3 guests. With considerable departures from the group due to changes in address, travel or even work, the group was reduced to 3 components, resuming activities with renewal and full strength in 2015 with 15 components. In 2017, an Onix platform was implemented in Goiânia GO, causing Vocal to be called Vocal Onix Precious Stone Nações or simply Vocal Onix Nações. Its newest nucleus was implanted in São Paulo SP in 2019.
Crimea, Simferopol
Folk Ensemble Nebo-Sontse
The folk ensemble "Nebo-Sontse" (Sky-Sun) was founded in 2020 on the initiative of graduates of the folk ensemble "Svetlitsa" on the basis of the public educational institution of further education of the Republic of Crimea " School of the Arts ".
The name of the ensemble symbolizes the victory of spring and summer over winter, the victory of life over death. The day of the spring equinox, later the Great Day, Easter, in the minds of our ancestors, was the day when all that is living and inanimate comes to life ...
Earth, water, air come to life, the Sky-Sun comes to life. The sun does not "set" that day, but in the morning it "plays" and rejoices. Birds, messengers of the Sky-Sun and parents-progenitors, sing from mother earth to heaven high, from the swallow, the lark, the quail, the cuckoo to the stork and the chickens-geese - all sing the praises of the sun, the blessing of life, the blessing of Easter! The ensemble performs Ukrainian and Russian folk songs recorded by the members of the group and their fellow folklorists during folklore expeditions to different regions of Ukraine and Russia.
République du Congo
Created in June 1995 by Romain BOUESSO SAMBA, the RYTKUM group is made up of young singing musicians, lovers of choral singing and traditional music. Based in Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo, this group has performed several concerts in public. In 2009, the RYTKUM Choir won (2 nd prize) in the Choral Competition at the end of the International Meeting of Choral Music (RIMUC) in Brazzaville; The show of the group RYTKUM is a musical piece of traditional Congolese inspiration. The musical peculiarity of this piece lies in the harmonization and transcription on musical scores of the traditional rhythms and melodies of the Kongo peoples, even Teke and Mbochi, adapted to the standards of Western scholarly writing.
The inclusion of African and contemporary dances in this kind of music whose polyphonic colors called Kimbongela, in French: Tourbillon, justify the expression of African peoples in the vision of globalization. The present repertoire is a real mixture of cultures giving a new development to traditional African music. It conveys a message of love, peace and unity among Peoples.
United Kingdom, Cardiff
Cardiff University Show Choir
Cardiff University Show Choir is a student-led, mixed, amateur choir comprised of 47 members, including an organising committee, from
undergraduate students to postgraduate students and alumni. Our repertoire usually consists of a variety of genres and styles from musical theatre and r&b to a capella, pop, gospel, and all our songs are arranged
in-house by our members. Normally we would perform our songs with choreography but due to COVID-19 we have had to resort to virtual rehearsals.
However, this hasn't stopped us from performing and singing as much as we possibly can. In the past we have participated in three national show choir competitions and have for two consecutive years held
second place in the UK. We have also sung in the West End, featured on a popular TV series, and performed at several large university events.
We are really excited to be part of an international competition. It's important for arts to be showcased and to have the opportunity to compete, perform, and support fellow singers across the globe. We look forward to hearing all the other choirs perform and wish everyone the best of luck!
Brasil, Curitiba, Paraná
Collegium Cantorum
Independent women's Choir of Curitiba, which, during 20 years of voluntary and continuous activity, has worked in a permanent workshop of coral singing. Under the supervision of its founder, Conductor Helma Haller, it has performed in several international events, among them the presentation at the Lincoln Center (NY, EUA, march of 2014), two silver awards at the European Choir Games (Magdeburg, Germany, July of 2015), and concerts at the Philharmonie of Berlin (Germany, February of 2017). The group has recorded 5 CDs
as a register of unpublished works of the Brazilian music literature. In 2020, celebrating its 20th anniversary, the choir continues with regular rehearsals and recordings, most of it through internet. We are sure that choir singing, specially in this moment of pandemic, is a strong statement of solidarity and powerful way to fight loneliness and anguish.
Democratic republic of Congo
Chœur international de Bukavu
Le chœur international de Bukavu est un jeune chœur amateur de la regione du Kivu, dans la République Démocratique du Congo. Dirigé par Jurés Musafiri, le chœur est créé en automne 2019 pour participer au projet "Requiem pour la Paix", soutenu par le prix Nobel pour la Paix Denis Mukwege. Le projet s'articule en une série de concerts sur le thème du Requiem de Mozart, en mémoire des victimes des guerres dans l'est du Congo (janvier-février 2020). Depuis, le chœur se dédie avec passion au répertoire classique mais aussi au répertoire traditionnel, en swahili et d'autres langues locales.
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